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About Amy

"Equally as organized and efficient as she is creative and insightful, Amy is an exceptional leader and invaluable resource in the field of arts education."


“Shine a light.

Touch a life.”

Hi, I’m Amy.

I was raised in Georgia and South Carolina under the bask of Southern Charm. Now, I’m based in New York City where I continue to work with performers and educators around the world.

I began Little Ray of Sunshine in 2016 after years of working with international artists, teaching artists, administrators, educators, and world-class performing arts organizations like Carnegie Hall, the Metropolitan Opera Guild, the LA Phil, and Lincoln Center.

I Care Deeply About…


Wife & Mom. 
New Yorker by choice. Southerner by birth. Adventure lover. Home seeker. 


Checklist, spreadsheet and data enthusiast. Details matter. Structure begets creativity.


Singer. Actor. Film Fan. Avid Reader. Champion of dance parties with my kids.

The Family!
Amy & Baby Riley hard at work on budget spreadsheets.
Performing the role of “Grace” in a production of  Annie

Why “A Little Ray of Sun”?

Two quick stories:

Growing up, my father told me: “In whatever capacity you find yourself – whether you are performing, teaching, or leading a meeting – shine a light and touch a life.”

Years later, when I was hell-bent to make the best of a not-so-sunny day, my husband called me “’Lil’ Ray.” For better or worse, the name stuck.

Put the two together and here we are. They are daily reminders to use my talent, creativity, and passion to offer a ‘little ray of sunshine’ in all that I do. It is my hope that through our arts and education work, we can create immersive and transformative experiences that inspire, give faith, bring joy, and add a spark of sunshine in a sometimes-challenging world.



I love to make really cool stuff that has the potential to change lives. And I’d love to work with you to create the next magical performing arts moment.